The essence of procuring the services of a great felony lawyer in New York

There are a few things in life that are quite as scary as being charged with a crime. Whether a felony or a misdemeanor, it can have significant consequences on your future. Besides serving a prison sentence, you may;

  • Incur heavy penalties that could be spent in better ways
  • Lose their right to vote
  • Get a Criminal record that can cause unemployment
  • Lose the right to run for public office
  • Lose the right to participate in jury duty
  • Lose professional license and permits and
  • Lose their right to own a firearm.

Anyone facing a felony charge should contact a felony lawyer in New York to help them through the process., you will get a team of attorneys who are qualified and experienced in this area. We have dealt with countless people in similar situations and have managed to get them out without severe consequences. We understand how much a felony charge can affect your life and try our best to put you in the clear. When faced with such a situation, the first call should be to

Although the firm deals with felony cases on a daily basis, lawyers handle each case individually. Our range of cases covers prostitution, misdemeanors, domestic violence, white collar crimes, fraud, assault and battery as well as shoplifting. We also deal with petit larceny, cyber-crimes, medical field fraud and burglary. No case is too hard for our attorneys and we accept even the most complicated felony charges.

Besides representing the client before a court of law, the lawyers at offer them advice and direction. Your designated felony lawyer in New York will explain what options are available and what the best step to take is. We also provide general moral support and avail ourselves at any time for whatever reason. Having an attorney by your side means you will not feel alone at any moment of.

The professional services of attorneys ensure one has a fighting chance no matter what they are charged with. The client is empowered with all the necessary information and backed by a great felony lawyer in New York. Our felony lawyers are tenacious, experienced and very hard working. They prepare the best possible defense for your case and where possible get you off before you get to court. offers free 30minutes consultation with any of the top attorneys in the firm. Our phone number is (877)692-4198 and we can also be reached online on our website. If you are looking for a felony lawyer in New York, reach out to us now.

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