The Best Burglary and Robbery Attorneys in New York City and Long Island

Burglary, robbery and theft are serious offences that carry heavy sentences. Quite often, your best chances of getting a reasonable ruling for your case depends on the quality of the attorney you have on your side. It is therefore vital that you secure the services of attorneys who will not only fight to see you get the best outcome possible but also bring to the table decades of experience in the litigation of burglary, robbery and theft charges. They could mean the difference between receiving the maximum penalty and receiving some leniency from the state.

The Best Burglary and Robbery Attorneys in New York City and Long Island

Burglary, theft and robbery are very serious offences mostly due to the fact that they are preemptive acts of crimes. No judge or jury will look upon you favorably especially given the aggressive and potentially harmful nature of these cases. An experienced burglary attorney will know exactly how to maneuver through the various hurdles presented during the proceedings to the benefit of your case. Furthermore, experienced robbery attorneys often know all the tricks and pitfalls deployed by the prosecution and as such, they are a useful asset to have in your corner.

The severity of the crimes determines the judgment you will receive for your case. Burglary, for instance, can occur in various degrees.

First-degree burglary is considered a class B felony that can not only get you a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison but also tarnish your record and your eligibility to acquire employment, loans from credit facilities, and job opportunities in the public service. Burglary in the first degree entails breaking and entering into a home and harming or threatening to harm the individuals within.

Second-degree burglary, although quite similar to first-degree burglary, has a bit of respite in that it attracts a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. The offence is considered a Class C felony in New York City.

Third-degree burglary carries a more lenient sentence of up to 7 years in prison. The crime involves the unlawful entry into a building with the intent to commit crime.

Theft charges also vary depending on the value of the stolen goods and the manner in which the crime was committed. Violent theft charges will attract heavier penalties whereas petty larceny, which involves the theft of items whose value is less than or equal to $50.00, will attract a lesser charge.

Regardless of the degree of your crime, having an experienced theft, robbery and burglary attorney at your corner to keep up the relentless fight for your case is your best chance of obtaining a favorable ruling.

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