Assault and Battery defense

If you are charged with assault and battery, there is no question, you will need to hire an assault and battery defense lawyer who is well experienced with the right credential to properly lead your defense.

Being convicted for any crime will be detrimental to your employment and scholastic opportunities. Even being arrested without conviction will still stain your record. Therefore, whether you are just being investigated or you have just been arrested, do not gamble with your future, contact us and an attorney will be available to help you immediately.

Upon contacting us, a well qualified attorney conducts a general review of all the facts of your case then formulates an appropriate defense strategy to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

Some of the best defense methods against assault and battery charges include:

  • Self defense

In this defense method, the attorney should prove that you were defending yourself, a loved or your property which we are all entitled to.

  • Professional duty

There are some professional roles where one is allowed to use force but reasonable force.

  • Insufficient evidence

The charges can be dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence such as the lack of the intent to harm the victim.

  • Provocation

Though it is not a defense, if the attorney proves you were provoked, it can help lessen the sentence.

  • Alcohol/ drugs or intoxication

Drugs and alcohol are a major cause of assault and battery. However it can only be used as a defense if you are involuntarily drugged.

  • Consent

Though rare, but proving that the victim had consented the assault or battery will have the charges dismissed.

  • Insanity

This is another possible defense though hard to prove especially if there are no medical records

The penalties for assault and battery vary depending on whether the crime is a violent/serious felony or a misdemeanor. It also depends on the extent of the injury, if there are prior offenses, whether weapons were used or whether there was any type of violence such as stalking, making threats or physical threat.

The penalty for second degree felony assault conviction ranges from 2-7 years imprisonment. Even a third degree misdemeanor assault can lead you at least a year in prison. If you are convicted with class B sexual assault, you will be imprisoned for over 25 years.

However, if you contact our attorneys before the charges are filed, he or she will prevent the harsh punishment.

At, our team of attorneys is fully committed to build a solid defense on behalf of all our clients in New York. Our seasoned attorneys work aggressively in order to attack all the charges and prevent or reduce the charges. They possess a vast experience in assault and battery in New York and they know how to easily navigate the courts in order to provide clients with different defense options.

To give you the best chance to avoid a harsh penalty, you should move quickly before the prosecutor files the charges. For a no consultation charge, contact us any time of the day at (877)692-4198 or contact us though our official website.

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